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Since its establishment in 1972 in Yogyakarta and the inauguration in April 1982, RAPI FURNITURE kept trying to position itself as Indonesia's furniture industry. Developments as RAPI FURNITURE, meubel manufacturing company going very fast.

In this way, the Company has equipped with latest technology machinery such as dryers modern technology (High Frequent Vacuum Dryer), Dust-Free Spray Booth, machines & laser-cut based CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled), and other modern infrastructure supporting progress.

With a well-organized factory system and equipped with advanced facilities and supported by professionals in the field of Furniture, RAPI FURNITURE committed could well serve requests made hardwood furniture (Solid Wood), MDF, and furniture made of metal (Metal Furniture).

The Company continues to develop innovative furniture products for various purposes, such as Hotel, Apartment, Condotel / Condominium, Home & Office furniture and needs special ordered by the professional designers.

RAPI FURNITURE's products intended not only to meet the needs of the national furniture, but also has been marketed to many countries of the world, such as Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore.

Kami menerima :
  • Jasa  CNC untuk pembuatan panel pintu dan panel dinding
  • Jasa laser cutting untuk pembuatan ornament  
HP : 087775312885

HP : 0818180781

Jalan. Gambiran no. 68 Yogyakarta 55161
Phone : +62 274 372479
Fax   : +62 274 372249

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PRO : 072311 - 100619

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