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We're from Corporate International Madero wanted to introduce that our company is specialized engaged in the "import of sawn timber, veneer and logs" for the timber industry in Indonesia.

Our staff  has a wide knowledge not only timber but also about the manufacturing.Besides supplying the raw materials we provide expertise on the selection of raw materials, machinery and finishing.We also try to provide as much as possible information about our customer's end markets with regard to market-trends and product-product.

In respect to the above we see ourselves more as partners to our customers And to our supplier's rather then timber agents.We are agent trying to bring the following products in a wide range, such as:

Sawn Timber
European Hardwoods: unedged, edged (Beech, Oak, Ash).
American hardwoods in a variety of sawn timber (Red and White Oak, Hard and Soft Maple, White Ash, Walnut, Yellow Poplar)

European Veneer like Beech, Oak, Syamore, Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Poplar Burls, Knotty Pine, Burl Oliveash, etc..
American Veneers such as Red and White Oak, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Hickory, Red, Alder, Pecan.

European hardwoods such as Oak, and Beech, etc.

Herewith we need information about the Company Mr / Ms on the product and if the company Bapak / Ibu have an interest in any one of our products, with pleasure we will provide that information dan lengkap offering competitive prices.

If you need any further information can contact:

Kuswidiarso    : HP. 08156515043
| 08174873169
Susi               : HP. 081575448033

Thank you for your attention and time given.


PRO : 


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