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Eresan Boiler Company :

An industrial enterprise established in 1966 in Turkey manufacturing and marketing industrial, residential boilers and pressure vessels.

COMPANIES Erensan Isi Cihazlari Pazarlama ve Servis A.S. - Marketing, sales and after sales services, export and import of Erensan products
Erensan Isi Teknigi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. - Manufacturing of residential boilers, steam boilers and pressure vessels
Erensan Echipamente Termice Srl. - Marketing Company in Romania


Process Heat Division (PHD).
PHD is manufacturing and marketing industrial steam, hot water and diathermic oil boilers together with industrial burners, pumps, controls and other peripheral equipment that are part of an industrial boiler room.The in-house contracting division installs and erects turnkey boiler rooms for industrial clients.


The Group has two manufacturing facilities.
The Istanbul Factory near the Atatürk airport is built on a 15.000m² area with 8.000 m² closed production space dedicated to the manufacturing of industrial boilers and pressure vessels. The Yozgat factory is dedicated to the manufacturing of central heating boilers and steam boilers. Yozgat is a city granted with special incentives for investment located 200 km east of Ankara. The geographical location is in the middle of Anatolia strategically adjacent to major natural gas lines extending from the east, west and the north. The facilities are built on 30.000 m² area with 10.000 m² closed production space.


The Groups' current enrollment is 270 personnel employed in both factories, Istanbul headquarter, Ankara Branch Office and Yozgat


With running over 100.000 boilers since its establishment, the Group is the market leader in Turkey in industrial boilers and central heating boilers. In both fields of activity, the group is active on the export markets serving 70 different countries covering Europe, Middle East and Africa. Major export markets are United Kingdom, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Russian Federation and C.R.S. countries. Also private labeled European boilers are manufactured in two facilities. Erensan has private labeling agreements with the major boiler manufacturers of the world.


The Group has utilized the Swiss YGNIS design and know-how in boiler design as a licensee of the same since 1966. However a number of its designs for boilers, pressure vessels and heat exchangers have been developed and used for different applications by own engineering team.


Products were CE certified by the certified European associations such as Bureau Veritas, TSE, TSEK, GOST and GOSGORTECHNADZOR, UKPRO, TÜVSÜV, DVGW, BUREAU VERITAS, ADVANTICA, SZUTEST and TECHNIGAS. ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System Certificate was granted by Bureau Veritas.


With 3 MW capacity, ISILAB is the biggest testing laboratory in Turkey and in Europe as well. Capacity, efficieny, exhaust gas emsissions and other related tests can be carried out acc. To 92/42/EEC Hot Water Boilers and 2009/142/EEC Gas Appliances Directives by authorised personel under presence of notified bodies. All measuring and recording equipments are in compliance with the related norms and directives.

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PT. Linugi Mandiri Sukses Trust.Service.Innovate
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Website : www.maris.id

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